In Honor Of BTS’s ‘TIME For Kids’ Cover, Let’s Celebrate 15+ Times ARMY Supported Charities

In total, BTS fans have supported hundreds of charitable endeavours across the world.

This month, BTS graces the cover of TIME for Kids with an article on how the group is inspiring fans all around the world to support good causes. In honor of this prestigious feature, let’s celebrate some of the many times ARMY has given back to the community and helped those in need.

These projects only represent a small fraction of the good work ARMY has done around the world, but they definitely show just how the BTS fandom can be a powerful force for good.

1. When ARMY helped hungry children in the UK

Most recently, Magic Breakfast was overwhelmed as ARMY donated enough money to provide over 40,000 meals to hungry children in the UK. The project was started as a way to say thank you to James Corden after BTS appeared on The Late Late Show.


2. When ARMY helped students in Busan

To support disadvantaged students wishing to attend Jimin’s old school, Busan High School of Arts, one ARMY organized enough donations to provide 20 teenagers with scholarships.


3. When ARMY donated blood

In December 2019, over 500 BTS fans in Korea donated blood to children with leukemia.

This wasn’t the first time ARMY donated blood, and it probably won’t be the last.


4. When ARMY helped provide food around the world

One ARMY fanbase successfully organized a very ambitious project for the Love Yourself tour: collecting food, blanket, and toiletry donations at tour stops all around the world.


5. When ARMY helped provide clean water

The same fanbase has supported numerous monthly charity projects, including one aimed at providing biosand filters to families in need of clean water.


6. When ARMY helped children in the Philippines

For Jimin’s birthday, ARMY in the Philippines were able to raise enough money to provide 200 disadvantaged children with lunches, school supplies, and snacks.


7. When ARMY helped orphaned children in Pakistan

For Jimin’s birthday, an ARMY fanbase in Pakistan collected donations for Dar-ul-Sakoon, an orphanage for children with special needs and disabilities.


8. When ARMY helped refugee and street children

Again for Jimin’s birthday, one of his global fanbases organized donations for Mind Leap, a charity that helps get children off the streets in post-conflict and developing countries.


9. When ARMY helped children with burn injuries

For Jungkook’s birthday, fans in Peru made a donation to Aniquem to help provide treatment for children who have suffered serious burns.


10. When ARMY raised money for earthquake relief

Gili Eco Trust sent BTS and ARMY a huge thank you after fans were able to help raise $20,000 USD for Gili Trawangan island in Indonesia. The money helped rebuild and restore the island after three major earthquakes struck.


11. When ARMY helped fund libraries in China

Chinese ARMY donated a staggering 8875 books to build charitable school libraries in China. The first library in Sichuan Province could only hold 2000 books, so the fanbase pledged to fund a further 3 libraries using the excess donations.


12. When ARMY helped fund a library in Peru

An ARMY fanbase in Peru has also helped support children to read, donating a number of books to a school library in Huanuco in RM’s name.


13. When ARMY helped the LGBTQ+

To help transgender, non-binary, and other LGBTQ+ people feel safe in their identities, ARMY helped donate to a trans clothing drive.


14. When ARMY helped animals in Vietnam

An ARMY fanbase in Vietnam was able to donate over $500 to an animal rescue and care center in the country. In Vietnamese dong, the amount was 13 million VND—honoring Jimin’s birthday on October 13.


15. When ARMY fought food waste

As part of a charity effort in the UK, BTS fans helped fight food waste and tackle hunger by donating food to FareShare, which was redistributed to charities across the country.


16. When ARMY donated to UNICEF

BTS aren’t the only ones who have supported UNICEF. ARMY has too. An Indian fanbase once made a donation in Jimin’s name.


17. When ARMY helped build an eco-friendly school

For RM’s birthday, hundreds of BTS fans were able to raise enough money to build a 3-classroom middle school in Guatemala from recycled materials. The new building will support 52 students.