In Honor Of Lisa’s “0327” Photobook, Here Are 27 Of The Most Beautiful Photos She’s Ever Taken

If Lisa wasn’t such an amazing idol, she could’ve made photography her career.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa announced her limited-edition birthday photobook, entitled 0327, on March 12, and it sold out within an hour. Of course, that’s no surprise given just how beautiful Lisa’s photography is. 0327 will be filled with beautiful, unseen film camera photos from Lisa as well as JisooJennie, and Rosé. While you wait for those precious scans to drop, let’s take a look back and appreciate 27 of the most gorgeous photos Lisa has taken and shared with us already.

1. This lavender blush sunset

2. This late-night dining snap

3. This cloud’s duality

4. These fresh tulips

5. This ferris wheel

6. This delicious cheese plate

7. These Hawaii palms

8. This European park

9. These incredible postcards

10. This bold city skyline

11. This pastel city skyline

12. This New York school bus

13. These simple pigeons

14. This overcast bridge

15. This Lisa-ception

16. This sunflower field

17. This city at night

18. These jellyfish

19. This green cocktail

20. These silhouettes

21. This everyday city scene

22. This night drive

23. This charming little boy

24. This airplane view

25. This looming lifeguard chair

26. This calming ocean sunrise

27. This unique self-portrait