17 Incredible Ways Idols Have Comforted Their Emotional Fans

They just want to see their fans to smile:

Seeing our favorite idols on the screen is already pretty amazing but every fan dreams of actually getting to meet their bias someday. For some lucky fans, the moment happens and sometimes ends with a few tears. But idols are incredibly sweet and will do just about anything to put a smile back on their fans’ faces! Without further ado, here a just a few incredible ways idols have comforted their fans.


1. Pulling out aegyo to dry those teary eyes

BLACKPINK Jennie‘s first thought when she met a crying fan was to bring out the aegyo. It makes sense since her aegyo always puts a smile on our faces!


2. Bringing out the laughs with a silly hairdo

When BTS V‘s met a teary fan, he decided the best way to stop those cheers was to make her laugh. That crazy hairdo would definitely dry our tears!


3. Sweetly telling fans not to cry

Kang Daniel really didn’t want his fans to cry so he sweetly told them not to, all while looking pretty emotional himself. What a sweetheart!


4. Getting right on eye-level to bring some cheer

When MONSTA X‘s I.M was met with a tearful fan, he went down to her eye-level, smiled, and gently patted her until tissues were delivered.


5. Quickly getting tissues for those crocodile tears

Red Velvet‘s Irene shocked expression already showed how much she cared but her quick tissue delivery was even more heartwarming.


6. Apologizing profusely for creating such an emotional rollercoaster

Jay Park didn’t want to see his fans cry either and even offered an apology for the emotional rollercoaster ride he had put her through!


7. When all else fails a hug, tissues, and a special moment with your bias should work

A hug and quick tissue offering from f(x)‘s Amber and then a special visit with Luna! How sweet!


8. Starting up chants to bring the fan spirit

When one fan couldn’t stop their tears, TWICE‘s Jeongyeon cheered up her fans by starting a special “don’t cry” chant.


9. The heart fluttering handclasp

To be honest, we’re not sure if this would stop our tears or make us more emotional but BTS Jungkook‘s hand to hand contact seemed to have a calming effect!


10. The eye-contact and tissue combo

When EXO‘s Kai was greeted with an emotional fan he comforted her gently before making sure she had tissues to dry her tears. Our Nini bear is as sweet as ever!


11.  A bit of aegyo and a bright smile will cheer anyone up!

NU’EST Ren ever so sweetly asked his fan to stop crying with a bit of aegyo and a heart-fluttering smile thrown in for good measure. If his smile doesn’t make you smile, what will?


12. The sweet hand-to-hand maneuver

Even a pane of glass couldn’t come between Samuel and his fan!


13. When the waterworks come out, how about a selca to remember the amazing experience?

A fan meeting is one thing but a surprise encounter could be even tougher but this lucky ReVeluv got to interact with Red Velvet‘s Seulgi and Irene before snapping a photo!


14. A warm embrace to chase any blues away

Suzy is known for making sure her fans are having a great time and whenever she’s confronted with a teary-eyed fan, not even a table can come between the two!


15. A wet sleeve is totally worth seeing their fan smile

Sometimes tissues just aren’t available so some idols, like BTS‘s V, have dried fan’s tears with their own sleeve!


16. A good cuddle to brighten their day even further

When BTS appeared on Good Morning America, one little girl was so overcome by meeting the group she didn’t know what to do! But Jimin totally did!


17. And when all else fails, sometimes getting emotional right along with them shows just how much they care

Sometimes the emotions can get to idols too just like Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona. It just shows how much she cares about her fans!


Bonus: The teasing cheer up

One time Kim Dong Wan teased his crying fan by pretending to take her picture…


And then he employed the heart-fluttering handclasp to cheer them up further.