10 Incredibly Creative Ways K-Pop Groups Teased Comebacks

Fans still love these epic puzzles, art exhibits, and more:

Every K-Pop fan can’t wait for their favorite groups to drop teasers for their comebacks. While teasers are normally straightforward, some idol groups decide to do something a little different and get creative! From epic puzzles to art exhibits, here are some incredibly creative ways idols have teased their comebacks.


1. BTS’s Smeraldo shop

While BTS are always coming up with amazing and intriguing ways to hint at their new comebacks and content, one of the coolest was their Smeraldo Flower shop. Connected with their Love Yourself era and their new webtoon, BTS’s Smeraldo shop was a huge fan favorite.

ARMYs figured out the shop’s address, email, blog, and Facebook page with a little detective work. The flower shop was a huge hit with fans and was an incredibly fun way to get ARMY even more involved in the Bangtan Universe!


2. EXO’s “Pathcode” puzzles

For EXO-Ls, one of the most amazing EXO eras was the Pathcode teaser era. With each of the members dropping a different video containing clues, their Twitter account leaving hints, and an epic puzzle that led to the group’s “EXODUS” album.


3. SEVENTEEN’s hint filled “Al1” album teasers

Many Carats fondly remember the promotion period for SEVENTEEN‘s “A|1” album. During this time, each of the members had their own teasers that included a specific number that served as a key to unlock that member’s teaser photo! Some keys were pretty obvious but other’s needed a bit more detective work and fans loved it.


4. f(x)’s “4 Walls” art exhibit

When f(x) took their “4 Walls” concept pretty literally fans were blown away with their creativity. For the album, the group transformed a small building into an art exhibit featuring! Each of the members also had their own website that teased their specific exhibits.


5. WINNER’s “EXIT:E” fans

For WINNER‘s “EXIT:E”, many other YG Entertainment artists got involved! With artists like Lee Hi and Dean doing short covers of “Baby Baby” and a few covers of “Sentimental” that even Yoo Byung Jae got involved in, it not only showed the YG family connection but is also one of the Inner Circles’ favorite teaser concepts!


6. HIGHLIGHT’s trendy clips

HIGHLIGHT‘s been blowing fans away with their incredibly creative and trendy teaser clips. So far they’ve recreated a classic computer game, made a YouTube feed, and an FM radio player.


7. Girls’ Generation’s from light to dark

Going from such a cute concept of “Oh!” to the darker and sexier concept of “Run Devil Run” could have been extremely difficult to explain but Girls’ Generation came up with an ingenious solution! At the end of the “Oh!” MV, the girls run into their darker “Run Devil Run” selves!


8. SHINee’s 10th-anniversary fun

For SHINee‘s 10th anniversary they created something extremely special for Shawols. They created an entire website where fans could customize their own SHINee playlist based on color chips! Some fans even found some older gems that they’d previously missed through the interactive website.


9. MAMAMOO’s scandalous promotions

Idols normally try to stay as far away from scandals as possible but during MAMAMOO‘s promotions for “Um Oh Ah Yeh” they dived straight in! The group came up with an epic dating scandal between Solar and Moonbyul and the pictures are certainly convincing!


10. fromis_9’s quick intro

At KCON Thailand, fromis_9  gave a sneak peek of “Love Bomb” during their intro performance! While fans thought the intro was simply…well… an intro, they were pleasantly surprised to find out it was actually a trailer later!

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