(★TRENDING) Industry Experts Rank K-Pop’s Top Idol Groups

These are the top K-Pop idols according to those who are directly involved in the K-Pop industry!

In celebration of their 33rd anniversary, Sports Seoul held a survey on the “K-Pop industry’s power people”. Those who have been active in the industry for 2 consecutive years since last year participated in the survey to show which names are the most recognized within the industry, and here are the results!


Male Groups:

1. BTS

BTS’ recognition within the industry has gotten stronger within the past year (They took first place last year as well). 31 entertainment agencies out of 35 chose BTS as the “best male idol group”, giving them the highest score in the survey. Considering the comprehensive list of their achievements, the results of the survey is not surprising!


Wanna One

Despite the fact that Wanna One debuted just a year ago, they took second place and confirmed their popularity. This year, they are focusing on their world tour as they head nearer to the end of their contract.


3. EXO

EXO has achieved some extraordinary milestones including over 100 music program awards, 23 grand prize awards as well as a record of six grand prize awards from Mnet Asian Music Awards alone, which was recorded in the 2018 Guinness World Records book, and it seems like those working with the group in the K-Pop industry have recognized these achievements as well!



Not much explanation is necessary for this legendary, veteran idol group that greatly influenced the spread of K-Pop throughout the world. The talented group, whose majority of members are currently serving their military duties, have still been chosen as fourth place for this survey.



This thirteen-member idol group has specialities in all areas of K-Pop with their three sub-units consisting of the “Hip-Hop Unit”, “Vocal Unit” and “Performance Unit” and is also known for producing their own music and choreography! This talented “self-producing” idol group SEVENTEEN took fifth place.


Female Groups:


TWICE was selected as the best female idol group for 2 consecutive years alongside BTS. They are one of the representative fourth-generation idol groups and have produced 8 hit songs within 2 years and 6 months of their debut, an extraordinary achievement. Their huge fandom, as well as their popularity in Japan, has once again given rise to a K-Pop girl group syndrome.


2. Red Velvet

Red Velvet received a very high score for their continuously growing popularity and fandom. The group placed 5th last year and rose to 2nd place within just one year and has been on a roll.  Anticipation has been growing for their Japanese debut with the album called “Cookie Jar”, which will drop on July 4, 2018!



BLACKPINK, which has become one of the greatest female K-Pop groups of their time, has become even more popular with their long-awaited comeback. Gaining 33.7 million views with their new song “DDU-DU DDU-DU” within 24 hours of its release is only one of their numerous achievements made so far!



This powerful vocal group is apparently also widely recognized by those in the K-Pop business and after hearing their voices, it’s hard not to be! MAMAMOO recently celebrated their 4th anniversary and are still going strong!



GFRIEND, who recently completed their successful comeback, has won numerous rookie awards and has been recognized for their success despite having come from a small entertainment agency. More than anything else, it is probably their passionate effort as well as professionality that has won the favor of not only fans, but those they work with as well!

Source: Sports Seoul