15+ Insane Things In K-Pop Music Videos That Will Make You Say, “Who Signed Off On This”

Who even came up with these ideas?

While there are a lot of K-Pop videos that go for a more flowery or cohesive concept, there are others that really make you wonder what in the world is going on! Although these videos contain things that are just plain strange, they certainly are memorable. Here are just a few of the weirdest things found in K-Pop music videos that will make you wonder just who signed off on the idea!


1. When SHINee became one with the horror concept in “Married To The Music”

If you were seriously freaked out by “Married To The Music” the first time you saw the video you aren’t alone. While the song is undoubtedly amazing, the freaky sight of Key being beheaded and then used as a soccer ball will forever be imprinted in your mind.


2. Pretty much everything in T.O.P’s “Doom Dada”

We’re not even going to try pointing out one single thing in this video and let’s be honest, there is just too much happening to even try. Even if you believe that everything makes sense once you understand the lyrics, you still have to admit it’s pretty weird.


3. When B1A4 were in love with a mannequin-like figure in “What’s Happening?”

If the weird mannequin-like doll figures aren’t weird enough, you’ve got every single member of B1A4 ready to duke it out for her love. Plus, can we just point out how weird the head-in-a-cube thing is.


4. When ASTRO were cool drinks that were…umm…drunk in “Breathless”

ASTRO took the whole refreshing concept to a whole new level in “Breathless” when you realize that each of the boys is a beverage. While that is already pretty strange the addition of a duck and the boy-drinks being held hostage seems even weirder.


Then it takes the cake when they are literally emptied out. Thank goodness the end makes it seem like some sort of dream. A really, really weird dream!


5. What happened to those dolls in PRIMARY’s “Don’t Be Shy”

This strange video features former AOA member Choa and shows some girls playing various games in a dark setting. Let’s just say we feel sorry for those poor dolls and the whole video is a little on the creepy side!


6. When Orange Caramel became pieces of sushi in “Catalenna”

You either love or hate this concept, but you have to admit it’s a little weird seeing the girls dressed up as fish and trapped in plastic trays!


7. When Zico decided to go for an all computer concept in “Yes Or No”

Then again if he didn’t go with the computer generated design how would he have created the planet of singing lips?


8. When Girl’s Day turned into plastic figurines in “Tilting My Head”

Each member is dressed as a different figure and made to look, well, plastic! There are even some shots of the girls in boxes on a makeshift assembly line.


9. When we were introduced to the broccoli dude in CoCoSori’s “DarkCircle”

Honestly, this one just speaks for itself!


10. When all the ladies spit on the guy in EXID’s “Every Night”

The girls raise their glasses in a toast then end up spitting it all out on the guy in the chair. Is there some deeper meaning we’re just missing?


11. When VIXX became the victim’s of voodoo magic in “Voodoo Doll”

VIXX are really the kings of concept but their super creepy idea for “Voodoo Doll” has had a lasting impact. Speaking from experience, avoid watching this one at night time unless you want some seriously messed up dreams!


12. When CROSS GENE took the Jekyll and Hyde seriously in “Black Or White”

Well, there is that belief that doppelgangers are like an evil version of yourself so I guess it makes sense that each member’s other version of themselves is trying to kill them. Although it doesn’t make it any less disturbing!


13. Everything about Hitchhiker’s “ELEVEN”

Nobody can explain what’s going on in this video. Nobody!


14. When things got a little sticky in the tub during Elizabeth’s “Ppappa Pierrot”

Green goo, lots of snakes, and strange masked figures really make you wonder what they were going for!


15. The goldfish feast in NU’EST’s “Good Bye Bye”

Yep, he eats his pet goldfish. Then he gets a stomach ache and throws up a flower? What in the world is going on?


16. When centaurs made their appearance in Norazo’s “Wild Horse”

Because I guess horses were just too normal?


17. When G-Dragon’s “Michi Go” was just as strange as T.O.P’s “Doom Dada”

A different kind of strange, but definitely still really weird!


Bonus: When SHINyan answered everyone’s burning desire to see SHINee as cats

What everyone originally thought was a joke turned out to be very real. So SHINyan answered everyone’s burning question, what would SHINee be like as cats!