Who Are The Only 3 K-Pop Groups Instagram Follows?

Instagram only follows 93 accounts, and three of them are K-Pop acts.

Social media giant, Instagram, has a well-known trend of being super selective with who they follow. So have any K-Pop acts made it to their super exclusive following list? Well, three of them have — and all three are girl groups.

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Yes, you heard it right! Instagram, with its mind-boggling 649 million followers, follows only 93 accounts — with three of them being K-Pop girl groups. Many could consider this another big testament to the rising global influence the Hallyu wave has been enjoying the past few years. But let’s dive into who these Instagram-favorite girl groups are and why they might have caught the attention of the social media titan.

NewJeans | ADOR

1. NewJeans

First off, we have the sensational group NewJeans. Ever since their debut, they’ve been riding high on the wave of their breakthrough single. Their cutting-edge music style, combined with their dazzling fashion sense, made them social media darlings overnight.

With their electrifying performances and strong fan engagement, it’s no wonder Instagram is keeping tabs!


Next up, we have the indisputable queens of K-Pop: TWICE. They have been stealing hearts and breaking records since 2015. Their infectious tunes, stunning visuals, and awe-inspiring choreographies have amassed them a massive international following.

And who can forget their ground-breaking music videos that consistently rack up millions of views within hours? TWICE has long been a global sensation, and it seems Instagram is a ONCE too!


Last but certainly not least, we have LE SSERAFIM, the rising stars of the K-Pop universe. Despite being relatively new to the scene, this group has already set the world on fire with their unique blend of vocals and dynamic performances.

Their innovative use of social media to connect with fans has undoubtedly caught Instagram’s eye. Only time will tell how far the Source Music girl group will go and what heights they will reach.

This unique milestone set by NewJeans, TWICE, and LE SSERAFIM only underlines the universal appeal of K-Pop. With their spectacular performances, infectious music, and strong connection with fans, these groups have proven that they are more than just a trend — they are a cultural phenomenon that continues to break barriers and make waves around the world.

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As we celebrate this achievement, we’re left waiting in anticipation to see if Instagram will extend its exclusive following to include more of K-Pop’s shining stars. Until then, let’s keep supporting our favorite idols, because the Hallyu wave shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon

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