5 Interesting Facts You Have Not Have Known About Kang Daniel

Daniel wasn’t his original name.

Kang Daniel is currently enjoying his success as a solo artist and being the CEO of his own company, Konnect Entertainment. Many also know him from placing first on Produce 101 Season 2 and being the center of Wanna One. 



There are some more interesting facts about Kang Daniel you might not have known if you’re a casual fan or never got the chance to get to know him. So, here are a couple of interesting facts about the popular idol.

1. Was Never The Center On Produce 101 Season 2

Despite placing first overall on Produce 101 Season 2, Daniel has never been the center for any of the competition performances. The only time he was the center was when he placed first in the 10’th episode, so he got to be the center for the “Pick Me” song in the finale.



It just goes to show you that you can be the center without being selfish.

2. His Original Name Wasn’t Daniel

Daniel’s original birth name wasn’t Daniel, it was Euigeon. He states that he changed it because it was hard for people to pronounce and that it stressed him out. You can see him telling the story below.



3. Has The Highest Finale Vote Count Out Of Any Produce Contestant


Out of all 4 seasons of the Produce series, Daniel has the highest total view count in the finale episode. The final episode is considered the most important because it’s essentially the episode where the group members get decided, so it’s usually where contestants get the most votes. Daniel’s record still not being broken is a testament to how popular he is.



Kim Yohan from Produce X 101, who has the 2’nd highest vote count in the finale episode in the Produce series.


4. He Loves Ramen

Daniel isn’t shy to show his love for ramen, I mean he states that it’s his favorite food.



He even packs his ramen whenever he needs to go somewhere.



Even after an exhausting schedule, the thing he chooses to eat is some ramen (or instant spicy black bean noodles to be exact).


5. He Loves Gummy Candy

Daniel isn’t shy to show his love for gummy candy and has even expressed how important it is to him by bringing multiple bags with him wherever he goes.



Kang Daniel