10 Most Interesting Trivia Facts About K-Pop Idols Only Super Fans Know

Did you know these facts?

These interesting trivia facts about these ten idols might shock you, surprise you, or leave you dumbfounded. Or maybe all three.

1. Kevin (THE BOYZ)

Before becoming a trainee, Kevin had enrolled in university and majored in fine arts and psychology. He was only a student at the university for four days, however. He dropped out to pursue his career in Korea.

2. Yura (Girl’s Day)

Yura is the tallest member of Girl’s Day, standing at 172cm. To protect her height, her legs are insured for approximately $448K USD.

3. Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT)

When Yoseob was still a student, his parents were called to the school because of his behavior. It turns out that he had exposed that his teacher was wearing a wig!

4. Rowoon (SF9)

Kid genius Rowoon won a prize at a plant name memorization contest in elementary school. He learned the names of over 400 species of plants!

5. Taemin (SHINee)

When Taemin was a child, he would eat ants and crayons. He once bonded with rapper BewhY over the fact that they both ate ants in their youth.

6. Mingyu (SEVENTEEN)

When Mingyu auditioned for Pledis Entertainment, he didn’t prepare a song or dance. Instead, he sang the South Korean national anthem and clapped his hands. He was so unprepared, and he even wore flip-flops instead of proper shoes! He was still accepted into the company because of how good looking he is.

7. Bambam (GOT7)

During an episode of Knowing Bros, Bambam revealed he was named at the baby from the cartoon The Flintstones. He has two older brothers named Beer and Bank, as well as a younger sister named Baby.

8. Jimin (AOA)

When she was still studying, AOA‘s Jimin was tricked into attending school in China. They had told her she would be there for a week-long vacation but slowly started sending her stuff through the email. She ended up spending two years in China.

9. Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene auditioned for SM Entertainment because she was tagging along with a friend who wanted to be a trainee. She initially failed her audition, but was later recontacted by the company and was invited to become a trainee.

10. RM (BTS)

When BTS was still being formed, and rumors of their debut started making its rounds in 2010, it was revealed that RM was initially the group’s maknae. Due to the line-up changes, he ended up being one of the eldest and was made leader.