The Internet Was Asked What K-Pop Trends They’re Sick Of And Netizens Came Through With Their Thoughts

It turns out everyone hates fancams…

A user on the Internet forum Quora asked fellow users what K-Pop trends they’re sick of, and they didn’t hold back in their responses.

Source: Quora

The responses cumulatively have thousands of upvotes on them, these are some of the top responses:

1. Unoriginal makeup on male idols

You know what I mean. This specific, basic style of eyeshadow. I feel like every male idol is subjected to it. I wish the style would more often branch out!

—Lila Pallison

2. Inappropriate use of fancams

But what I don’t like is when people Tweet them under Tweets where they shouldn’t be. I’ve seen people Tweet their fancams under Tweets about a death, a natural disaster, or something else awful. I understand they want to promote their idol, but there’s a time and place to do it. Under an announcement of a tragedy is not the place to do it.

—Lila Pallison

3. “Maybe if they stanned…”

I’ve seen this on Twitter as well. Somebody will announce a tragedy, and Kpop stans will respond with, “Well, maybe if they stanned (insert idol group here).

No. That’s extremely inappropriate and insensitive. If you had just lost a loved one dear to you, would you want people telling you it would’ve been preventable if you stanned (insert idol group)? No, you wouldn’t. Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you.

—Lila Pallison

4. Unnecessary raps

Every so often, you’ll be listening to a perfectly good Kpop song. It will all be going well. You’ll be enjoying the beat. All of a sudden, a random rap makes its presence known, throwing off the total song.

—Lila Pallison

5. Girl crush concepts

It’s in just about every girl group music video these days. I miss old Kpop concepts, you get my vibe. Just cute iconic songs. Not the same poses and beat drop.

—Katherine Jeon

6. Latin K-Pop

Latin kpop (its not a nice trend tbh but i can work with it)

—Shelby Edwards

7. Fanwars

I’m sure 90% of fans are SO sick of this. It’s pointless and useless and just an absolute waste of time and brain power. Do some people actually go around looking for a good fight? Cause looking around twitter and sometimes on Instagram, things get seriously INTENSE.

—Fiona J

8. Paper kiss game

Paper kiss game. It was funny the first couple times, but y’all need to think of something else

—Quinn Draper

9. Boring YouTube comments

You know what I’m talking about. The same type of comment. I want to see more creative comments on Kpop videos!

—Lila Pallison


10. Sasaengs

The one where crazy fans don’t know what personal space or mind your business means.

— Jade Kim