Irene And Seulgi Have Opposite Fashion Styles

But both are breathtakingly beautiful, for sure!

Red Velvet‘s Irene and Seulgi are two members known to be great fashionistas, but their styles are so drastically different that fans can’t quite decide whose is better!



On their most recent trip back into Korea, Irene and Seulgi were spotted in completely opposite fashion styles, as usual. While Irene sported a classic casual look with a cute denim skirt matched with a black shirt and mule slippers, Seulgi rocked a funky glam look with vivid red lips and pants. Irene’s signature straight long hair seemed easy and carefree, but Seulgi’s cute bun up-do with bangs looked summery and fun!



The two know how to use the same basic fashion item, like the white T-shirt, and turn it into something of their own styles. Irene kept it toned down with a simple grey blazer and jeans. She accessorized with her glasses hanging by her neck and a cute black camera bag. Seulgi, on the other hand, went denim on denim! To a classic white tee and jeans, she threw in a denim shirt tucked away carelessly, creating a hip airport look!


3. Gimpo Airport Looks

Sometimes, Irene likes to lighten it up for a more spring and feminine look. She wowed her fans when she showed up at the airport with this navy blue floral print dress. And sometimes, Seulgi likes to toughen it up with leather and boots. She looked like a total badass when she pulled off this black hat, black leather rider jacket, black skinny jeans, with black high rise boots.


4. I Can See Your Voice Looks

Irene and Seulgi appeared on I Can See Your Voice 5 in very similar style of clothes, hairstyles, and make-up. But the two managed to pull it off with completely different vibes. Irene wore a red plaid blouse with jeans, turning the outfit into a very easy casual look. Seulgi, on the other hand, wore a floral print blouse with a black button up skirt, making the style look a bit more dressy and formal!


5. Music Show Looks

So it seems Irene likes to keep her style clean. On her way to a music show, Irene was spotted in a black blazer, black shirt, and denim jeans. Though simple, she made this outfit look super chic and stylish! Meanwhile, Seulgi likes to go all out and experiment. To her overall black outfit, she mixed in this fluffy outerwear that made her look like a giant teddy bear! She has such a unique, funky fun style that looks amazing on her.

Source: Newsen

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