K-Netizens Rank The Top 5 Rookie Groups They Want At “ISAC” (& These Are The Members Who’d Ace It)

Fingers crossed the “Idol Star Athletics Championship” will be back on our screens soon!

While the pandemic may have put the popular Idol Star Athletics Championships on hold for a while, if the show returns in its original format, there are plenty of K-Pop groups fans want to see in the lineup. In a recent poll, Korean netizens ranked the fourth-generation acts they want to see at ISAC—these groups made the top five, and it’s easy to see why.

5. Aespa

Aespa came fifth in the poll with 10.8% of the votes.

Aespa | SM Entertainment

One of aespa’s best ISAC competitors would definitely be Giselle, who played numerous sports in high school. The star recently revealed she played soccer, basketball, volleyball, and did track and field while studying at her international school in Japan. On top of that, she also rode horses.

Aespa’s Giselle | SM Entertainment

While Ningning recently joked that the sport she’s best at is “sleeping at home,” fans say she has the perfect energy for ISAC‘s rhythmic gymnastics. Meanwhile, Karina is known to have experience in swimming, badminton, and taekwondo, while Winter knows the Japanese martial art kendo and loves to bowl.

Aespa’s Karina | SM Entertainment


ITZY came fourth in the poll with 14.8% of the votes.

ITZY | JYP Entertainment

Before the pandemic, ITZY participated in both the 2019 ISAC Chuseok Special and the 2020 ISAC Lunar New Year Special. At both, Yeji won a silver medal for pitching and set the ISAC record for the fastest pitch at 68 kilometers per hour.

ITZY’s Yeji | JYP Entertainment

Alongside Yeji, Yuna undoubtedly has the sports skills to ace the next ISAC competition. The maknae has been athletic since she was young and used to play floorball in middle school, even participating in competitions.

ITZY’s Yuna | JYP Entertainment


KINGDOM came third in the poll with 18.4% of the votes.

KINGDOM | GF Entertainment

If ISAC‘s penalty shoot-out event makes a return, two members of KINGDOM are sure to ace it: Dann and Chiwoo. Both of them named soccer as one of their specialties. In fact, Chiwoo actually wanted to be a soccer player before a BTS “DNA” performance inspired him to become an idol, and Jahan once joked that Chiwoo is far better at soccer than he is at studying.

KINGDOM’s Chiwoo | GF Entertainment

Other sporty members in the group include Dann, who’s good at swimming, and Ivan—a black belt in taekwondo and a keen bowler.

KINGDOM’s Ivan | GF Entertainment

2. TXT

And joint sweeping the top spot, TXT came joint first in the poll with 22.8% of the votes.

TXT | Big Hit Music

Sadly for fans, despite debuting two years ago, TXT is yet to participate in the ISAC tournament. That said, if they ever do join the show, Taehyun may be their key competitor. He once revealed that he loves soccer and plays the game FIFA often, but that’s not all. As a child, he also did taekwondo, boxing, swimming, and skiing.

TXT’s Taehyun | Big Hit Music

Yeonjun, meanwhile, got a red-black belt in taekwondo when he was in elementary school. Given how competitive the members can be when they get into a game, there’s no doubt they’d give ISAC their all.

TXT’s Yeonjun | Big Hit Music


Joining TXT in joint first place is ENHYPEN, who also received 22.8% of the votes.


If ENHYPEN ever did compete at ISAC, they’d be a force to be reckoned with. Last year, the group revealed that five of the seven members all used to be professional athletes. One of the best known is Sunghoon, who was a national medal-winning figure skater for ten years before debuting. Jungwon, meanwhile, was a competitive martial artist in taekwondo.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon | BE:LIFT

Heesung and Jake both played sports in school too: basketball and soccer respectively. Ni-Ki, meanwhile, played both basketball and soccer.

Source: Exciting DC