5 Adorable Moments From ITZY’s Behind-The-Scenes MV With Kim Davi

We can’t stop giggling at #3!

ITZY recently released a collaboration with Second Aunt Kim Davi (an alter ego for comedian Kim Shin Young) titled “Break Ice”. With a more fresh and cute vibe than usually seen for ITZY, they appeared to have a fun time in the MV. In the behind-the-scenes for the MV it’s revealed that this is true and that the concept also brings out the best in the girls’ personalities. Check out the list below to see all the different sides

1. “Yuna, You look pretty.”

Yuna is a stunning visual, and ITZY agrees! While monitoring a scene Ryujin and Yeji couldn’t help but shout words of support like “My goodness, Yuna” and “You look pretty!”

“My goodness, Yuna” “You look pretty” “Yuna, You look pretty” | VIVO TV – 비보티비/YouTube

2. Chaeryeong the Dance Teacher

Chaeryeong is an excellent dancer and from watching her work with Kim Davi, an excellent dance teacher. With ITZY as one of the top dance groups in the industry and Kim Davi a bit less experienced in dance, it was cute to see Chaeryeong step into a teacher role and help her student improve. Throughout the day Chaeryeong alongside the rest of ITZY continued to help out and their skill as dance teachers shows in the final MV.

Running over the pre-chorus choreography | VIVO TV – 비보티비/YouTube

3. Tease the Leader!

ITZY clearly has an excellent sense of humor if this behind-the-scenes is anything to go by. While Yeji described the second costumes the girls would be performing in, Lia and Yuna appeared behind her to jokingly imitate her to the camera. This as well as many other moments in the behind-the-scenes makes it clear that ITZY has a strong, sister-like bond and like sisters, sometimes you can’t avoid being teased!

Yeji, don’t look behind you! | VIVO TV – 비보티비/YouTube 

4. Yuna Supports Her “Aunt Kim Davi”

Being a comedian can be hard when your job is to make people laugh. Luckily, there are people like Yuna out there. While monitoring one of Kim Davi’s scenes, Yuna was there with a laugh and smile to support her new “aunt”.

| VIVO TV – 비보티비/YouTube 

5. Having Fun With It!

When filming moments that didn’t involve dance, ITZY gave just as much energy and the end product shows it. The interactions between them feel so happy and fun that you can’t help but smile when watching all 5 members on screen together. The sillier they get the more fun it is to watch, and with the energy of Kim Davi on set, it’s a treat to watch ITZY’s fun-loving energy shine.

And always ready for any concept… or the cabana. | VIVO TV – 비보티비/YouTube 

Based on the behind-the-scenes video, the energy on set was very supportive. Both ITZY and Kim Davi had nothing but nice things to say to each other. They seemed to really enjoy their time shooting together and we can’t wait to see them work together again!

Group Hug! | VIVO TV – 비보티비/YouTube

To check out all of the cute interactions between the girls and Kim Davi, watch the video below:

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