ITZY Became Magicians And Here Are 10 Of The Funniest Moments You Need To See

They are definitely magic!

ITZY continue to shine in their new Hello82 series called IT’z PLAYTIME, which sees the members interacting with children in different activities. In the most recent episode, the group paired up with some of the children and became magicians!

Here are ten of the funniest moments of ITZY’s IT’z PLAYTIME episode 6!

1. When ITZY couldn’t take Josh’s cuteness from the very start!

Who can blame them?

2. Ryujin’s reaction to her member’s enthusiasm.

They were a very interactive and engaged audience!

3. When Chaeryeong had to showcase her athletic side to catch a runaway child!

Don’t worry; if you ever lose someone, Chaeryeong is on the case.

4. Lia did not expect Robin to be so enthusiastic.

She didn’t even have time to introduce the trick.

5. When everyone thought Yuna knew the secret to the trick.

It turned out that she was actually just in awe, not a magic genius.

6. Chaeryeong just wanted to be seen as royalty too!

There is more than enough room for two princesses on the screen.

7. And the award for best reaction goes to…

Yuna and, it might be a bit over the top, but it was worth it.

8. Lia got very excited when she found the apple!

It is definitely a work of magic.

9. When Ryujin and Yeji fought for Aella’s affection!

It is the battle for Aella’s heart and both members seemed eager to be number one.

10. ITZY has found their newest member!

It seems as if ITZY may now have six members.

Source: Hello82