ITZY Puts Their Own Spins On Black Dresses—Here’s How Each Member Wears Them Differently

They’re all different.

The members of ITZY have their own unique colors that are emphasized when they wear similar shades of outfits. In black dresses, their individuality shines!

Check out the difference in their fashion styles below.

1. Lia

First up, Lia has a very elegant aura especially when she dresses formally. She has a symmetrical face and sweet features that pair perfectly with award show attire.


Classy and sweet—that’s her style!


2. Ryujin

In contrast, Ryujin has a very charismatic aura that comes out in full force in every photo she poses for. As she doesn’t wear dresses often, it’s always a treat for fans when she does. Her gorgeous visuals in formal dresses reminds everyone why she’s one of the faces of the “girl crush” concept!


3. Yuna

Next up, Yuna exemplifies the ‘high teen’ fashion with her youthful visuals. She looks like she could be part of the cool rich crowd from classic American shows such as Gossip Girl.


Case in point: she was on a whole different level from us mere mortals in the 2020 Fact Music Awards.


4. Chaeryeong

Chaeryeong, meanwhile, is more casual in her fashion sense. When it comes to black dresses, she often wears them in a relaxed manner while going about her day.


Their color and styles may be simple, but she turns heads all the time!

5. Yeji

Last but certainly not the least, Yeji’s style shows hints of her maturity. One of her award show dresses had a blazer-like top that exuded professionalism and elegance.


Who can deny that she’s always the belle of the ball?

The ITZY members wearing black dresses is kryptonite to fans!

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter
Source: Instagram


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