7 Times ITZY Didn’t Bother Hiding How Much They Love BLACKPINK

They’re HUGE fans!

ITZY may be one of the biggest girl groups with millions of fans all over the world, but they’re also fangirls themselves! They proved time and again that BLACKPINK is one of their favorites.

Check out some proof that they’re genuine BLINKs below!

1. “On The Ground”

First up, Lia is definitely a fan. She praised Rosé‘s solo debut in a live broadcast, saying,I listen to Rosé sunbaenims songs a lot. I watched her performances. I like both songs but I like ‘On The Ground’ more.” 

She then captivated everyone with her own rendition of “On The Ground,” showing off her honey-like vocals.

2. Jentle Home

She also brought out her inner #rich fangirl side when she wore Jennie‘s collection with sunglasses brand GENTLE MONSTER. Lia wore the “1996 01” glasses from the Jentle Home campaign. It doesn’t come cheap, retailing for $260 USD.


3. The Album

In the same Gimpo airport schedule, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Yuna was listening to The Album of BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK’s Full-Length Album “The Album” | YG Entertainment

4. “Playing With Fire”

Out of all the songs available, Yeji, Ryujin, and Chaeryeong chose to cover BLACKPINK’s first comeback song, “Playing With Fire,” in the MCD Dance Challenge.

5. “Don’t Know What To Do”

In an episode of Idol Radio, Chaeryeong threw Yuna under the bus when she revealed her obsession with BLACKPINK’s songs.

Shin Yuna! Stop singing in the dorm…she sings the same song over and over again when I have to sleep. BLACKPINK sunbaenim‘s ‘Don’t Know What To Do.’

— Chaeryeong

Yuna explained that she does it simply because she likes them so much. After every shower, she jams to “Don’t Know What To Do” as her way to relax.

6. “Kill This Love”

ITZY made their Filipino MIDZYs go wild with their cover of “Kill This Love” during their Premier Showcase Tour in Manila.

7. Yuna’s Playlist

Finally, Yuna has loved BLACKPINK for so long, she eagerly awaited the release of their first full length album, The Album. She revealed to fans that she downloaded it right away.

I listened to all the songs of The Album starting with Lovesick Girls and [Bet You Wanna]…I put the whole album in my playlist!

— Yuna

The members of ITZY are definitely BLINKs!

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