30 HD Photos From ITZY’s First Official Fan Meeting That Prove Their Duality Onstage and Off

They are all super gorgeous.

ITZY recently held their first official fan meeting, ITZY The 1st Fan Meeting, on April 9. These gorgeous HD photos show each member’s beauty onstage and off.

ITZY’s Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna (left to right) | Song Hyo Jin and Min Kyung Bin/Dispatch

1. Yeji

Offstage Yeji shows her sweet and charming side.

Onstage she is fierce and fully in her element.

2. Lia

Lia is soft and serious in her offstage photos.

Onstage though, Lia is a bright performer.

3. Ryujin

Offstage Ryujin exudes confidence.

While onstage, she proves that her confidence is completely justified.

4. Chaeryeong

Offstage Chaeryeong is the perfect girl-next door with her soft visuals.

Onstage she transforms and owns the performance.

5. Yuna

Yuna has a classic look of innocent offstage.

Onstage she is a force to be reckoned with.