10 Times ITZY’s Lia Stole Everyone’s Breath Away With Her Gorgeous Live Vocals

Lia’s voice is soothing for the soul.

ITZY‘s Lia shines in her position as the main vocal, with her soft yet soulful voice making her easily recognizable after a few listens. Her voice is so amazing that her viral cover of “Price Tag” led to the creation of Lee Mujin Service, a show dedicated to showcasing idols’ live vocals and love for music.

Here are 10 times Lia’s live vocals enchanted everyone, proving why she’s one of the best vocalists of the 4th generation.

1. “Price Tag”

Of course, we have to start with the cover that had us all falling in love.


Price tag cover lia #lia #itzy

♬ Price Tag – Jessie J

2. “Falling Slowly”

The harmonies are chillingly beautiful.

3. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

When Lia starts to sing, no one can look away.


#itzy #lia #choijisu #liaedit #itzylia #yeji #hwangyeji #ryujin #shinryujin #chaeryeong #leechaeryeong #yuna #shinyuna #itzyofficial #midzy #fypシ

♬ 마.피.아. In the morning – ITZY

4. “Mad At Disney”

Lia has the beauty, voice, and personality of a Disney princess.

5. “On The Ground”

Like always, ITZY members are the biggest BLINKs.


On the ground by LiA 👩🏻‍🌾💚🍃#lia #liaitzy #ontheground #music #singing #fyp

♬ On The Ground – 로제 (ROSÉ)

6. “Confetti”

Listening to Lia’s voice is like falling into a warm embrace.

7. “Everybody Business”

Despite being sick, Lia’s deep voice holds so much charm, and we need to hear more of her in this register.


petition for lia having a full cover of this song😩❤️ #itzy #lia #kculturefestival #kpop #trend #foryou #fyp #fypシ

♬ Everybody Business – Kehlani

8. “Mafia In The Morning”

“Mafia In the Morning” is one of ITZY’s most difficult choreos, but Lia still delivers stable and powerful vocals flawlessly.

9. “Photograph”

The shift between her low and high registers is seamless; no matter what note she hits, her beautiful tone wows everyone.


[lia – photograph] kangen ngeliat lia cover lagu di vlive #lia #itzy #fyp

♬ Photograph – Ed Sheeran

10. “Issues”

The only issue we have is that there will never be enough videos of Lia singing.