ITZY’s Lia Is Going Viral For Her Stunning Hourglass Figure—These 10 Photos Make Us See Why

#4 is jaw-dropping.

ITZY‘s Lia is gaining attention for her gorgeous figure! With her tiny waist and wide hips, she has the kind of body that many netizens find ideal.

Check out the photos that show off her jaw-dropping physique below.

1. In the latest post

First up, the picture that got people talking about Lia was from the 2023 Lotte Duty Free Family Concert.

Lia |

2. Red

Her “s-line” figure was noticeable in a bodycon dress.


3. Blue

Her tiny waist was emphasized when she wore a short crochet top.


4. Green

Needless to say, everything fits her perfectly.


5. Jeans

One of the articles of clothing that shows off her physique best is jeans.

6. Dalla Dalla

She had an enviable physique since the beginning.

7. Not Shy

Stage costumes emphasize her curves perfectly.

8. Beach

She also looks breathtaking in casual outfits.


9. Boots

She’s sexy in an effortless way.


10. Inkigayo Backstage

And lastly, her physique is jaw-dropping especially in this all-black outfit.

Source: Instagram