These Are The Most Replayed Parts Of 10+ ITZY Music Videos

Viewers love these parts. Do you?

With ITZY’s dynamic music videos, it makes sense that viewers would choose to rewatch their favorite moments over and over.

ITZY’s Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna (left to right) | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

According to YouTube’s most replayed feature, these are the most rewatched parts of 11 ITZY music videos.


Perhaps the group’s most iconic choreography to date, it’s no surprise that fans would want to see Ryujin’s sharp and precise shoulder movements more than once. It starts at 0:18.


ITZY’s debut song had several memorable moments, but the dance break is especially worthy of a replay. This clip starts at 1:45.

3. “ICY”

“ICY” is a perfect summer song with bright colors and visuals. The most replayed moment is the chorus which starts at 0:50 and has Yuna dazzling as the center.

4. “Mafia In The Morning”

Fans can’t seem to get enough of ITZY’s powerful choreography. Viewers have most replayed the part starting at the 0:50 timestamp.

5. “Not Shy”

What’s better than a car chase? ITZY’s choruses. This most replayed moment starts at 1:20 and features the end of the pre-chorus into the iconic chorus of “Not Shy.”

6. “LOCO”

The most replayed part of this song features an impactful transition from Chaeryeong to Yeji and begins at 0:51.

7. “SWIPE”

The swipe transition in this b-side music video is too good not to be the most rewatched part. The clip starts at the 0:43 timestamp.

8. “#Twenty”

This special video for ITZY’s The 1st Fan Meeting has Yeji looking adorable and Yuna looking fierce in the most replayed part, which starts at 0:28.

9. “Voltage”

Lia shines in the group’s first Japanese single with her rap section starting at 1:47. It makes total sense that viewers have watched this part more than once.

10. “WANNABE” (Japanese version)

ITZY prove their consistency with the most replayed part of the Japanese version of “WANNABE.” Beginning at 0:20, viewers can’t get enough of those shoulder moves.

11. “LOCO” (Japanese version)

The most replayed part of the Japanese version of “LOCO” starts at 2:16 and features a stunning water dance break.


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