10+ Times ITZY Made Our Hearts Stop In “No Makeup” Makeup Looks

They’re ALL gorgeous!

No one can deny that ITZY always looks drop dead gorgeous! Even with barely any makeup on, they make jaws drop. In fact, they look the same with an almost-bare face as they do with stage makeup on.

Check out some photos below that prove it!

1. Lia

First up, Lia has refreshing visuals that are accentuated with the beauty of the natural outdoors.

Lia | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

2. Ryujin

Ryujin may be known for her strong charisma, but when her makeup is stripped down, she’s like the girl next door we all have a crush on.

Ryujin | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram
| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

3. Yuna

In a plain white t-shirt and bed hair, Yuna’s simply stunning.

Yuna | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram
| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

A hint of pink lipstick emphasizes her attractiveness.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

4. Yeji

The biggest indication that Yeji is wearing makeup is her lipstick that almost matches the color of her hair. Otherwise, she’s an all-natural goddess by the sea!

Yeji | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

5. Chaeryeong

Chaeryeong is practically glowing—and it’s not because of the lamp beside her.

Chaeryoung | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

6. Lia

Cute and refreshing, that’s Lia!

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

7. Ryujin

Ryujin’s skin is the envy of all those who see her!

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram
| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

8. Yuna

There’s something about Yuna with long wavy hair and an almost bare face that makes our jaws drop in awe.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

9. Yeji

While wrapped up in cozy clothing, Yeji is the sweetest girl ever!

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

10. Chaeryeong

Chaeryeong is the perfect example of “simple is best”!

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram
| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

11. Yuna

Yuna’s youthful visuals pop out when she dresses in bright and casual clothing.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram
| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

12. Ryujin

With just a swipe of lip gloss, Ryujin’s always ready to go!

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

13. Yeji

And finally, Yeji’s visuals will always be heart-stopping.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

ITZY has mastered the “no makeup makeup” look!


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