10+ Ultra Relatable Reactions To ITZY’s Sassy “Boys Like You” English Single Music Video

#8 though!

ITZY recently unveiled the music video for “Boys Like You,” their pre-release English single. It’s a fun song that perfectly shows off their signature confidence as a group.

Unsurprisingly, fans loved it as well. Check out some of their most relatable reactions below!

1. When Ryujin said this iconic line

First up, the most jaw-dropping part was arguably when Ryujin rapped, “You’re crying like a baby but do I look like your mommy?”

2. When everyone couldn’t stop replaying it

She really put a spell on MIDZYs!

3. When Yuna showed off her vocal skills

4. When Chaeryeong did the same

Her high note was everything!

5. When Yeji was absolutely stunning

6. When Lia looked great at the center

7. When we loved ITZY’s attention to detail

8. When Yeji had the best reaction to her prank on Yuna

9. When Ryujin captured our attention yet again

10. When Chaeryeong was drop dead gorgeous

11. When Lia amused us with her antics

12. When Yuna was the center of attention

13. When Yeji was a real life fairy

14. And when ITZY as a whole killed it

Check out the music video for “Boys Like You” below!


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