10+ Rare Childhood Photos Of ITZY’s Ryujin That Show How Naturally Beautiful She Is

She looks the same now and in #4!

ITZY‘s Ryujin has looked pretty her entire life! Several of her pre-debut photos linger on the internet, and they prove that she was always meant to be a star.

ITZY’s Ryujin | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

Check them out below!

1. As the cutest baby ever

First up, this was one of two photos that Ryujin shared of herself in a 2020 live broadcast. She’s the definition of a “cute baby.”

2. In the funniest old picture

The other one that she showed MIDZYs was this hilarious photo where she placed the chopsticks near her nostrils!

3. With her baby face

Her lashes were so long and her cheeks were so squishy! 🥺

4. With the same sweet smile

Her smile then…

…and her smile now have always been contagious!

5. Like a fairy princess

With a crown on her head and fairy wings on her back, she’s like a princess in a fairytale.

6. In a red sweater

Few things scream “cute childhood photo” more than Ryujin in an oversized hoodie with a monster design.

7. While playing outside

She’s the most adorable kid ever!

8. While out camping

Baby Ryujin having fun with her family makes our hearts full.

9. With a serious stare

Who knew she could pull off the ice princess look even as a child?

10. With her tongue out

Baby Ryujin is coming for our hearts!

11. In a casual shoot

She always knew how to pose like the model she now is.


12. In the library

She’s definitely the cool girl in class!

13. In her trainee days

And finally, Ryujin’s school photo proves that she always looked like a K-Pop idol even before her debut.

She’s coming for our hearts!

Source: Pann