10+ Times ITZY’s Ryujin Looked Stunning In Super Close-Up Pics

Every picture she takes is flawless.

ITZY‘s Ryujin is beautiful inside and out. So, when it comes to taking selfies, she absolutely nails it. Here are 10+ pictures that prove she always looks great, even in super close-up shots.

1. With her new hair

Ryujin gained attention after she debuted her new haircut with choppy bangs, a style that she completely pulls off. This close-up shot proves her visuals are flawless.

ITZY’s Ryujin | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

2. Winking

Ryujin takes winking to the next level with her perfect selfie style. She’s a total pro.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

3. In the mirror

Ryujin often changes things up with her gorgeous mirror pics. The pouty lip pose is proof of her A+ mirror pic game.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

4. With a sweet smile

With slightly messy hair, Ryujin is still stunning. Her sweet smile makes for a lovely picture.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

5. With a fitting phone case

Ryujin’s Cinderella phone case has made an appearance in many of her Instagram photos… a princess for a princess.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

6. Showing off the jawline

Ryujin knows all of her best angles. Even in a somewhat dirty mirror, she remains the focal point of the pic.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

7. As “Artist of the Month”

Fans were thrilled with Ryujins’ “Artist of the Month” performance with Studio Choom. Her styling will remain iconic among MIDZY. Even zoomed in she looks amazing.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

8. With two-toned hair

Ryujin’s gorgeous two-toned hair was definitely a look to remember. Her simple makeup and chunky earrings perfectly tie her outfit together, though her face is what really sells it.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

9. Holding up a peace sign

Ryujin manages to look gorgeous, yet casual in this simple picture. It doesn’t take much for her to look great.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

10. In glasses

Even close up, accessories don’t detract from Ryujin’s stellar visuals. She’s truly top notch.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

11. Fresh-faced

With barely any makeup, Ryujin manages to look like a model off-duty. Her face card never declines.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

12. With nature

This extreme close-up is perfect by being imperfect! Ryujin doesn’t need filters or photoshop to prove she is absolutely stunning. She’s all natural with nature.

Which close-up shot is your favorite?

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