IU Might Be A Well Rounded Idol, But She Has A Bad Habit That She Can’t Seem To Get Rid Of

This habit has stuck with IU for years.

IU is known as one of the most balanced idols in K-Pop, where she has essentially everything, from vocal skills, acting, humor, etc. On an episode of Knowing Brothers, she revealed that she has one bad habit that she can’t get rid of, which is that she struggles with directions.

Specifically, IU is directionally challenged and is bad at distinguishing between her lefts and rights.

IU even has to take some extra steps when eating because of this issue.

Even in her home, IU still struggles to find the way to the elevator sometimes.

A YouTube channel by the name of “FA-TopList” compiled some moments where IU was seen struggling with directions, here are some of them.

1. Struggling at a concert

2. Needing help

3. Trying to get into her car

4. Struggling while running

Here is the full video below!