10 Unedited Photos And Videos Of IU At The Gucci Cruise Fashion Show That Prove Her Real Life Visuals Are Out Of This World

She’s too pretty 💖

IU recently attended the Gucci Cruise 2024 Fashion Show held in Seoul. She appeared in a sheer white dress with yellow flowers embroidered into it. Her beauty was already outstanding in edited shots…

…but her unedited ones were just as great, if not more. Check them out below!

1. When she walked in with fanfare

First up, she was so stunning, all eyes were on her right away!

2. When she greeted everyone

IU’s good manners make her even more beautiful.

3. When she gave this look

She knows how to pose to show off her best angles.

4. When she looked this good from the side

Her side profile is flawless.

5. When she mingled around

She met Filipino actress Anne Curtis, and they were both breathtaking even from afar.

6. When she was the center of attention

Everyone wanted to take a picture of her—and it’s understandable why.

7. When IU gave Devikah a kiss

IU made hearts stop when she gave Thai actress Devikah a peck on the cheek.

8. When she was interviewed

Her beauty was almost too much for the camera to handle.

9. When in a crowded room

Even in a sea of people, she still managed to stand out.

10. When she stared straight at the camera

Finally, IU’s face card never declines.


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