20 Stunning HD Photos FROM IVE’s “Eleven” Debut Stage

They may have just debuted, but these ladies are owning the stage!

Starship Entertainment‘s recently formed girl group, IVE, already gained a lot of attention for including former IZ*ONE member Wonyoung and CLC member Yujin among their six members. Now, after the group debuted on December 1 with their single album Eleven, they’ve proven that they’re definitely worth all of the hype! They performed their first stage for the title song of the same name recently as well, and some stunning pictures were taken of the girls during the performance. Here are 20 photos that really prove this group is full of talented visuals!

1. Gaeul

2. Yujin

3. Rei

4. Wonyoung

5. Liz

6. Leeseo

7. All