5+ Times IVE’s Liz Stunned Fans With Her Gorgeous Visuals

She’s always beautiful!

Fans of IVE are currently sharing their love for Liz‘s incredible visuals after some footage surfaced of the idol not eating at a baseball game with her members. Fans attribute the footage to toxic body-shaming done by haters and are trending hashtags to show support for Liz’s stunning visuals.

Here are seven times that Liz’s gorgeous visuals left fans at a loss for words.

1. When she was stunningly charismatic for “LOVE DIVE”


2. When her visuals looked ethereal in another “LOVE DIVE” stage

3. When she shocked fans with her gorgeous black hair

| @IVE_twt/Twitter

4. When she was an effortless model for “Dazed Korea”

5. When she keeps proving how adorable she is

| @IVE_twt/Twitter

| @IVE_twt/Twitter

| @IVE_twt/Twitter

6. When she proved she’s naturally stunning, without even looking at the camera

| @IVE_twt/Twitter

| @IVE_twt/Twitter

7. When she looked like an experienced professional performing her debut song “ELEVEN”

What are some of your favorite Liz moments?