Preppy And Cute: These 6 Mini Skirts Worn By IVE Will Upgrade Your Fashion Game

The kicker? Most are under $100 USD.

When it comes to fashion, IVE never disappoints! One item of clothing that they frequently wear is mini skirts—pleated, A-line, and more. They always look breathtaking no matter what brand, color, or style they put on.

Check out some of the most flattering examples of this below!

1. Leeseo

First up, maknae Leeseo was preppy in a light blue skirt from the brand Ami Paris.

This indigo skirt is made with lightwash denim and retails for ₩460,000 KRW (about $348 USD) or less if thrifted.

2. Yujin

Yujin was simply sweet in the “Balance Game” that IVE played on the YouTube channel of Dispatch.

She wore a ₩79,000 KRW (about $60.70 USD) CLOTTY black skirt along with a blue wool knit sweater.

3. Liz

Liz was elegant and graceful in the Dispatch promotion photoshoot for I’ve IVE.

She wore the purple version of andtheother‘s (앤디아더) “Raw Cut Edge Mini Skirt” which costs ₩69,000 KRW (about $52.20 USD).

4. Rei

Rei exuded gothic yet adorable vibes in a mesh bolero paired with the “22Summer Perrel Skirt” from the brand Grove. It can be bought for ₩89,000 KRW (about $67.30 USD).

5. Gaeul

Gaeul made a splash of an entrance on tvN‘s Amazing Saturday with her stunning cream colored outfit from Arcenciel. The padded vest was accompanied by a matching “Padding Button Skirt” that retails for ₩69,000 KRW (about $52.20 USD).

6. Wonyoung

Last but certainly not the least, a memorable example of Wonyoung in a mini skirt was shown in the group’s “LOVE DIVE” Dispatch photoshoot.

She donned the Outxo “Ivy Stitch Skirt” in the color beige which retails for ₩89,000 KRW (about $68.40 USD).

All fans can agree that matter what kind of skirt IVE wears, they always slay!

Source: Instagram


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