10+ Times IVE Stunned Everyone With Their Real Life Visuals In Unedited Photos From The “KPOP FLEX” Concert

Wonyoung in #7 though 🔥

IVE recently joined KPOP.FLEX, a two day concert in Germany featuring numerous K-Pop artists. They amazed fans and non-fans alike with their gorgeous visuals from May 14 to May 15.

The following non-edited photos and videos show just how stunning they are in real life. Check them out below!

1. Wonyoung

First up, Wonyoung is just as pretty as expected!

How she appears on television is an accurate representation of how striking she is in person.

2. Rei

Rei made a splash of an entrance when she danced to “Love Dive” sans her usual bangs. Fresh and sweet, that was her.

3. Leeseo

Maknae Leeseo proved why she’s nicknamed “Vitamin” and “Baby Leeseo” with her adorable expressions during the concert.

4. Gaeul

Gaeul’s smooth skin, sweet smile, and lovely features were all praise-worthy.

| @wxyive/Twitter

5. Liz

Liz with black hair was everything! The word “charming” was made for people like her.

6. Yunjin

It’s not an exaggeration to say that everyone Yunjin passes would do a double-take at her beauty.

Yunjin | @hourlyyujinn/Twitter

7. Wonyoung

No one can deny Wonyoung’s top star status after just one glance at her.

8. Rei

Rei is a stan attractor for a reason.

9. Leeseo

Leeseo’s eye smile was even cuter in real life.

10. Gaeul

Anyone Gaeul makes eye contact with is blessed.

| @fairyjungwoniee/Twitter

11. Liz

Liz’s fan service was the sweetest.

| Julia7Frie/Twitter 

12. Yunjin

Finally, this GIF perfectly shows just how much charisma Yunjin has in person.

When it comes to visuals, everyone in IVE is breathtaking! Check out some more proof of this below.

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