10 Times IVE’s Wonyoung Made A Legendary Appearance At The Airport In The Most Fashionable Outfits

She looked like a chaebol in #6.

IVE‘s Wonyoung gathers attention no matter where she goes! The latest place where she made headlines was at Incheon Airport, looking fresh from head to toe.

IVE’s Wonyoung

This isn’t the first time her visuals stood out from the crowd. Check out other examples of Wonyoung being the star of the airport below!

1. Suit

First up, Wonyoung stole the show in an oversized blazer and wide leg pants that highlighted her long limbs.

She made the airport her runway in the sophisticated attire.

2. Flight Attendant Scarf

A blast to the past, fans loved Wonyoung’s “flight attendant” style in one airport schedule while in IZ*ONE.

3. Checked Blazer

She looked mature in a matching gray blazer and skirt combination.

4. Miu Miu

Wonyoung reminded everyone in the airport why she’s the perfect fit for the brand Miu Miu.

5. Cropped Jacket

On the way to Germany, she looked cool and charismatic in a cropped jacket paired with a denim skirt.

6. Fur Collar

She was just like a chaebol from a rich K-Drama family in her knitted cardigan with a fur collar.

7. Fur Coat

Similarly, she evoked an ultra-luxurious vibe when wearing a thick fur coat.


8. Hot Pink

On the other hand, she was also trendy and bold in a hot pink coat.

9. January 6, 2023

Wonyoung started 2023 with a bang in the form of her elegant airport outfit.

10. Abs

Finally, she made fans go wild when she showed off her defined abs in a pink crop top.

She’s a top visual for certain!