GOT7’s Jackson Wang Is Friends With These 9 Famous K-Pop Idols

Bestie vibes only

Fans will already know that GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is an extremely social person. The group’s leader, Jay B, even once remarked that he is thankful for Jackson’s super friendly disposition, as it’s what allowed the team to bond more easily in the first place. But Jackson’s friendships in the K-Pop industry go far beyond just his GOT7 members. Here are some of the famous idols this social butterfly is known to be friends with.


1. BTS’s RM

Jackson is known to be quite good friends with RM from BTS, as they were even on a variety show together.  Here you can see Jackson giving some wholesome thoughts on their friendship.


2. MONSTA X’s Joohoney

Joohoney is another superstar rapper that Jackson is good friends with. Their chemistry was displayed on both Weekly Idol and Celeb Bros, proving just how comfortable they are with each other.

3. EXO’s Lay

Jackson was a mentor on Street Dance of China along with Lay, and the two seemed to have quite a lot of fun together, judging by this video.



4. f(x)’s Amber Liu

Jackson may not have been on a variety show with Amber, but both have been very open about the close friendship they have. When Amber was asked to call him on camera pretending to need money, Jackson did not hesitate for even a second to lend it to her, even requiring some persuading to not actually do it.


5. Jessi

Fans will forever be grateful for the friendship between Jackson and Jessi not only because of their hilarious antics, but also because it led to this iconic performance of Jessi’s “NUNU NANA.”


6. Joon

If fans thought Jackson and Jessi made for a wild pair, then they haven’t seen Jackson and Joon together. When Jackson went on Joon’s Youtube channel to try some of Korea’s most controversial foods, utter chaos ensued…and it was priceless.


7. UNIQ’s Wang Yibo

Like Lay, Wang Yibo also took part in Street Dance of China, leading to some great moments between him and Jackson. Some fans have even called them the “Wang Brothers,” and it kind of fits.



8. Henry Lau

Yet another K-Pop idol friend from Street Dance of China, Henry’s had plenty of fun with Jackson. Since both are very open and friendly people, it makes sense that they got along easily. Here is a sweet moment that a fan caught while Henry was talking about Jackson on a live stream.

9. Eric Nam 

Jackson’s friendship with Eric Nam has certainly provided fans with a few laughs before, most notably in videos from when they were much younger. Out of those, perhaps one of the most memorable ones is when Eric asks Jackson, “Who’s your girlfriend right now?” to which Jackson replies, “You!

Bonus: Kevin Hart

In a rather unexpected turn of events, Jackson tweeted a video of him giving Kevin Hart a surprise celebration of Chinese New Year, with Kevin looking slightly confused and Jackson being chaotic as ever. No doubt fans were highly amused!