5 Female Japanese K-Pop Idols With Crazy Good Rap Skills Even As Rookies

Spoiler: the newest addition is from YG!

When it comes to the newest generation of K-Pop, the girl group rap scene is being dominated by Japanese idols. In no particular order, check out some of the Japanese female rookies who are making their names known for their rap skills!

1. IVE’s Rei

First up, the fact that IVE’s Rei (Naoi Rei, 2004) is a rapper—and a great one at that—might come as a surprise to new fans considering her innocent, childlike appearance.

In reality, she can spit fire with every single rap verse.

2. Kep1er’s Hikaru

Kep1er’s Hikaru (Ezaki Hikaru, 2004) is already a strong dancer…

…but her rapping is something that cannot be overlooked either!

Considering that rap queen CL is her inspiration, it’s understandable why her stage presence is so strong.

3. Aespa’s Giselle

The rapper on this list who knows the most languages, aespa’s Giselle (Aeri Uchinaga, 2000), is half-Japanese and half-Korean. She was confident in her rap ever since she was introduced pre-debut in her solo “SYNK” video posted by SM Entertainment.

Her sassy personality peeks through her verses, adding an extra layer of fun to them.


Next up, Yuki (Mori Koyuki, 2002) is the main rapper of RBW Entertainment girl group PURPLE KISS. From her clear Korean pronunciation to her self-written lyrics, she keeps proving that she’s someone fans and non-fans alike should keep their eyes on.

It’s no surprise why every audience of hers is always amazed by her performances!


Last but certainly not the least, the most recent addition to the list of great Japanese girl group rappers is BABYMONSTER’s Asa. The new YG Entertainment girl group has yet to debut but she’s already garnered a significant amount of attention online due to her non-“idol rapper” skills.

At only 16 years old, her swag is already top notch. Check out her introduction video below to see proof of this.

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