Japanese Magazine Names Korean Celebrities That Are “National Boyfriend” Material

Is your celebrity boyfriend material?

The Japanese magazine 25ans recently put out a list of male Korean celebrities! These celebrities were said to be “face geniuses,” part of the “shoulder gang,” and most of all, the “national boyfriend.” The staff had fun listing them and commenting on all of the choices.

“Face Genius” (Good-Looking Men)

1. Hyun Bin

| @vast_ent/Instagram

Hyun Bin is an indispensable part of talking about the four new heavenly kings.

I will watch anything he is a part of.

2. BTS’s V

His overwhelming visuals and sexy, deep, bass voice are attractive.

He is a world-recognized visual.

3. Lee Jong Suk

Being a former model, his style is outstanding…

He’s a puppy!

4. ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

| @offclASTRO/Twitter

I was healed by his sweet face and soft singing voice.

His perfection is too much!

“Shoulder Gang” (Men With Beautiful Physiques)

1. Hyun Bin

| @gq_korea/Instagram

He came back so strong after his military enlistment…

He has a great balance between physical beauty and acting ability.

2. Nam Joo Hyuk

His appearance is friendly but is actually a hidden macho man with great muscles.

As expected of Dior‘s Korean Ambassador!

3. Ji Chang Wook

| @jichangwook/Instagram

His singing ability and rich expressions are highly regarded.”

His acting range is so wide…

4. Gong Yoo

Even in his 40s, his popularity will not diminish!

Not even his long coat could hide his muscular beauty.

“National Boyfriend”

1. Jung Hae In

With his friendly smile, he is increasingly attractive, and you can’t keep your eyes off of him!

He’s so refreshing.

2. Park Bo Gum


He has established himself with his friendly smile, a refreshing attitude, and solid acting abilities.

He just has a different charm than other stars.

3. Park Seo Joon

You can’t miss him when you mention ‘boyfriend!‘”

He’s funny and masculine!

4. Lee Jong Suk

| @jongsuk0203/Instagram

I just want to relax with him at home…

It’s hard to find someone who looks so good in pink!

Source: 25ans