Japanese Magazine Releases Controversial List of 7 Things To Do If You Want To Piss Off Koreans

The real question is why would anyone want to do this?

Japanese magazine Hana just released a controversial article containing a list of 7 things to do if you seriously want to piss off Korean people. So just what are these 7 cold-hearted items?


1. Don’t serve kimchi with ramen.

The list starts off with a real soul crusher: not serving kimchi with ramen. This item probably wouldn’t piss off just Koreans. Kimchi is eaten all over the world and it’s flavor pairs perfectly with ramen.


2. Slow down the internet speed.

Deliberately slowing down the internet speed is something that would not be accepted by the general population. South Korea is known to have the fastest internet speeds in the world, and any downgrade would receive backlash.


3. Don’t allow them to have coffee after a meal.

Restricting when Koreans are allowed to have coffee would ruin many of their meals. It’s pretty normal for them to get a coffee after a meal, so limiting their coffee times would be bothersome, to say the least.


4. They must remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

Hana magazine’s fourth item is to make a person sit until the bus comes to a complete stop. When you’re in a hurry or are afraid to miss your stop, you’ll often stand by the door, right? Not being allowed to do this would be aggravating, and may lead to some missed stops.


5. Don’t serve soju with samgyeopsal

Not serving soju with samgyeopsal (pork belly) should be a crime, so it’s the perfect way to piss off a Korean during a meal. One of the most loved dining combinations, soju is also known to cut down the oily fattiness of the pork belly.


6. No cell phones in the bathroom.

There are very few people who don’t spend an extra few minutes in the bathroom everyday because they’re playing on their phones. Whether it’s to not be bored, or to take a break from work, not having a phone anymore would certainly disappoint some people.


7. Don’t press the button in the elevator.

Not pressing elevator buttons would just inconvenience others. Korean buildings are filled with elevators, and when they’re crowded, it’s hard to press the button for your floor. Imagine having to squeeze through bodies just to press your floor’s button.


Most of the items on the list would frustrate anyone. But the real question is, why would anyone want to do this?

Source: Dispatch