Japanese Truckers Are Planting Gardens In Their Trucks, And It’s Aesthetic AF

These mini-gardens are just too pretty!

Kei trucks, or kei-tora, are small flatbed trucks that are generally used in the construction and landscape industry to transport supplies, but for the past couple of years they have been transforming into magical garden oases. The Kei Truck Garden Contest has been hosted for several years by the Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors at the Nagai Botanical Garden in Osaka, Japan.

Landscape artists from every prefecture come and compete to see who will create the most beautiful and elegant gardens, all on the back of their trucks! The trucks are judged on their planning, expression, design, execution, and environment. Regardless of the winners, each truck is its own masterpiece!


1. A bench in the middle of nature


2. Mini-mountain paradise


3. Aquatic attraction


4. Wagon-wheeled wonder


5. Bonsai beauty


6. Hidden garden


7. Bright flowered simplicity


8. A cute fairy landscape


9. Hidden grotto


10. Mini-fireplace to warm you as much as the garden warms your heart


11. Built in coffee table for your enjoyment


12. Flowered fancy


13. A built in shelter so you never have to leave


14. Lush forest backdrop


15. The edge of water


16. No need to choose to dine in or not!


17. The perfect place for a cafe


18. Anybody up for a game of chess?


19. Rocky refuge


20. Where nature and construction meet in perfect harmony


21. Brilliant water feature


22. Rustic charm


23. Simple succulents


24. Perfect backyard space


25. Mini-garden within a mini-garden


26. Greenery all around


27. Sculptural garden


28. Peaceful place


29. Fun zigzag bamboo wall


31. Simple bamboo space


32. Gorgeous goldfish garden

Source: Zoenren