The Japanese Versions Of These 5 Songs Are Even Better Than The Originals

How can the same song sound so different?

Whenever K-Pop groups translate their songs into Japanese and release them again, it’s a gamble on whether they’ll still be good. Often times, because we’re so used to the sound of the Korean lyrics, it’s so jarring that we can’t quite enjoy it as much.

Sana from TWICE

Sometimes, though, it works in the reverse, and the Japanese version is so good we can’t help but wonder why it wasn’t released in Japanese to begin with! In no particular order, these 5 songs are so good in Japanese that we might be ending things with the Korean versions.

1. Girls’ Generation – “Genie”

Not that there’s anything wrong with the original version, but something about the Japanese version of “Genie” by Girls’ Generation just slaps. It might be the increased sharpness of each syllable, or it might be something totally different. Whatever it is, we’re into it.

Girls’ Generation

2. KARA – “Step”

Maybe it’s because the song already sounds a little like J-Pop, but KARA‘s “Step” just hits different in Japanese, and we totally can’t get enough.


3. SEVENTEEN –  “Run to You”

This song straight up sounds like an anime opening theme song, so it’s no wonder the Japanese version of SEVENTEEN‘s “Run to You” is an absolute banger.


4. SHINee –  “Replay”

Of course “Replay” by SHINee is an absolute classic, but something about the Japanese version is just excellent. Maybe it’s the fact that SHINee had 3 more years of singing experience to hone their vocal skills even further, but whatever it is, this version of the song is awesome.


5. Red Velvet – “Russian Roulette”

This whimsical tune is a gem in Korean already, but the way it sounds in Japanese just takes it to the next level. We would’ve loved to see another music video with the Japanese version!

Red Velvet
Source: Reddit