Jeon Somi Collects Celebrities Like Pokémon Cards At 2023 Milan Fashion Week

She was the “It Girl” of Milan Fashion Week!

Recently, The 2023 Milan Fashion Week was held in Milan, Italy. It featured many of our favorite K-Pop idols, representing the hottest names in fashion, including Jeon Somi for Prada.

Somi has a reputation for being a socialite as she is close friends with many in the K-Pop industry. Yet, she really proved her extroversion by befriending multiple celebrities at the Prada fashion show. Check them out below.

1. Maya Hawke

While they might have just met, Somi and the Stranger Things star appeared like old friends, sitting next to each other at the fashion show.

2. Emma Roberts

Somi was collecting all the Hollywood starlets, including Scream Queens star Emma Roberts!

3. Song Kang

Somi isn’t only collecting actresses, though. She also sat with the “Son of Netflix,” K-Drama actor Song Kang.

4. Cai Xukun (also known as Kun)

Netizens were living for Somi and Chinese singer-songwriter, dancer, and rapper Kun together! It sounded like they made plans to hang out too.

5. Miuccia Prada

Of course, Somi met the CEO of Prada!

6. Raf Simons

Somi also met Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons.

7. Hunter Schafer

Somi posed for a picture with Euphoria star Hunter Schafer and Raf Simons.

8. Molly Chiang

Somi hung out with Taiwanese social media influencer and model Molly Chiang.

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