10+ Times Jessi Flaunted Her Long Legs In Thigh-High Boots

She’s got legs for days!

Jessi is one of the hottest rappers in K-Pop and she’s also got the hottest style and physique! One fashionable trend that goes go amazing with her stunning endless legs is thigh-high boots.

1. Jessi is fierce in every way


2. A powerful duo with powerful style


3. Jessi can definitely pull off any concept!


4. Everyone needs a little black dress and they definitely go well with some thigh-high boots


5. Absolutely gorgeous! Love how her boots match her bodysuit

6. Her physique is absolutely jaw-dropping!

7. Hot pink for a hot star!


8. The prettiest cowgirl you’ll ever see


9. Jessi strutted with these white thigh-high boots

10. Wear them when meeting your bestie Rita Ora

Jessi (left) and Rita Ora (right) | @jessicah_o/Instagram

11. Who knew denim thigh-high boots could be so cute?


12. She rocks the stage and thigh-high boots

13. She once made soldiers go crazy with her charisma and she did it in some cute boots!

14. The image of a successful and bad a** woman


15. Her hourglass figure is really stunning

16. Red, bold, and confident


17. Sporty yet chic! The boots definitely add a flare of style


18. She has legs for days!

19. Loving this effortless casual look

20. No matter what weather you’re in, thigh-high boots always work!

| @jessicah_o/Instagram