Jessi And HyunA Both Wore The Same Type Of Sports Bra But Exuded Different Vibes

They’re sexy in their own ways.

Jessi and HyunA are two of the top representatives of the sexy concept in K-Pop!


They once caused a visual explosion when they teamed up for a photoshoot for InStyle magazine. They wore the same type of Reebok sports bra but in different colors to match their individual styles.

Jessi, for one, gave off a tropical vibe with her bright green beach shorts and bra top with orange lining. She had a bombshell type of beauty given her generous curves and taut abs.

Her trademark confidence was clearly seen in each behind the scenes photo.

She wore the Reebok Women’s “Hero Warrior Retina” sports bra in the color coal. It had a creative design that aligned well with her fun side.

Hyuna, on the other hand, leaned more towards the chic kind of sexy in her assigned bra top.

She wore the Reebok Y-Stripe Bra in the color Laser Red.

Back in 2016, she still sported long brown locks which gave her a fresh and charismatic vibe.

So while Hyuna looked sweet, Jessi looked spicy!

| InStyle