Jessi’s Real AF Reaction After Spotting A Fan With A Picture Of SEVENTEEN On Their Phone

Here’s what happened😂

Jessi is one of the most playful singers around! This was evident in the Beer Rockfest, Taiwan, which she attended on July 9.

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Here, she had a memorable interaction with a fan in the middle of greeting the crowd near the stage. As is common during concerts, Jessi took the phone of a random attendee in the barricade section to take a selfie.

Before she could capture the photo, however, the rapper couldn’t help but notice the picture stuck to the back of the iPhone. It was none other than PLEDIS Entertainment boy group SEVENTEEN!

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

She jokingly called out the fan for having a photo of another artist while attending her concert. Though the actual picture wasn’t clearly seen on the big screen, it was confirmed by the owner of the phone that it was indeed SEVENTEEN.

Hey, what the hell! It’s not Jessi. It’s…who is this…oh, SEVENTEEN!

— Jessi

Jessi couldn’t help but ask her if she’s truly a “Jebbie,” the name given to her fans. The woman in question nodded her head in agreement. Meanwhile, the person taking the video could be heard shouting, “She got caught!” while watching the amusing scene play out.

Are you a Jebbie? Do you know what a Jebbie is?

— Jessi

Fans found the interaction hilarious, commenting that other Jebbies should remember to change their wallpaper before attending a concert that Jessi is in.

They also praised her unfiltered personality, saying that they “love how real she is” with everyone.

Source: Twitter
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