Jimin Park “Lovingly” Roasted Her “After School Club” Co-Hosts

She didn’t hesitate to give her opinion on Heejun, Woosung, and more.

After School Club host Jimin (Jamie) Park has had a number of co-hosts over the years. Here’s what she had to say about them in a DIVE Studios‘ video entitled “Jamie (박지민) Lovingly Roasts Her Co-Hosts”.

1. Heejun

Jimin Park currently co-hosts the show with Woosung and Heejun, who joined the cast in 2018. What are Heejun’s biggest flaws? His age and energy levels.

Heejun. He’s just too old. He just, he just needs sleep.

— Jimin Park

Jimin Park was shocked to find out that ‘old man’ Heejun is actually a year younger than Eric Nam! Heejun was born in 1989 and Eric Nam was born in 1988.

2. Woosung (The Rose)

Woosung has co-hosted After School Club with Jimin Park and Heejun from 2019 until now. She didn’t hesitate to say what she thinks about this newbie host’s skills.

“First, Woosung sucks at MCing,” she said, cracking Eric Nam up. “He’s really new. He can’t talk.” 

Woosung is “too nice” to her on camera, which isn’t entertaining to watch. She’d prefer it if he acted more naturally with her, the way that he does backstage.

He’s frozen like Elsa. Like, bruh, wake up!

— Jimin Park

3. Jae (DAY6)

Jae joined the cast of After School Club in 2016 and left the show in 2018. Jimin Park named him and Kevin as her favorite duo to MC the show with…but that wouldn’t stop her from sacrificing him!

A fan asked Jimin Park who she would feed to a shark if she were on a sinking boat with Eric Nam, Kevin, and Jae. She chose Jae for purely scientific reasons.

He’s the easy one to get. I mean, three of them are all skinny, so let’s get the more skinnier one…It’s going to be Jae. I can just lift him out [of the boat] with my hand.

— Jimin Park

4. Eric Nam and Kevin (U-KISS)

Eric Nam co-hosted After School Club from the show’s first episode in 2013 to 2016. Kevin joined the cast shortly before Jimin Park did in 2014, and he left the show in 2018. In the video, Kevin was spared a roasting, but Eric Nam wasn’t quite so lucky.

After finding out that Eric Nam is older than Heejun, she said. “You’re old, Eric.” He replied with loud, “Ugh!” 

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