Jimin’s Top 10 Spellbinding Moments In BTS’s “Black Swan” MV

He spread his wings and danced his heart out in BTS’s new music video.

Jimin lives up to his “dance king” reputation as the title character in BTS‘s new “Black Swan” music video. Here are 10 of his most spellbinding moments!

10. A star shining in the spotlight

9. Black Swan Jimin powering his way across the stage

8. This cascade of small, magnificent details

7. The moment “white swan” Jimin dances to life…

6. …and elegantly stretches his wings

5. The very last time he spreads his wings

4. This jaw-dropping spin-and-dip

3. This graceful leap

2. This silhouetted pinwheel kick

1. Becoming the “Black Swan”

This isn’t Jimin’s most complex dance moment in the music video, but it is arguably the most unexpected one! The wings bring an element of dark fantasy to “Black Swan” that won’t soon be forgotten.