7 Of MONSTA X Joohoney’s Most Iconic Looks, According To Fans

Not only is he an incredible all-rounder, his visuals are also stunning. 

There really is no one like MONSTA X‘s Joohoney. Not only is he an incredibly talented all-rounder member of the group, his visuals are also stunning and he’s had some of the most unforgettable looks. In no particular order, here are only some of Joohoney‘s most iconic looks according to Monbebes.

1. The Connect Tour 2018

The striking blonde hair and exposed arms? Incredible.

| @MX514DAYS/Twitter

2. At the 2019 SBS Song Festival

The silver eyebrow slits and the slicked back hair paired with the furry jacket were an absolute serve.

| @offlimits_x/Twitter

3. “Alligator” music video

While he kills it in every music video he stars in, his “Alligator” look is unforgettable.

| starshipTV/YouTube 

4. “Sambakja”

His collab stage with I.M during their 2019 We Are Here world tour lives in most fans’ minds rent-free.

| @onandon_1006/Twitter

5. His blue hair

Although the FOLLOW : FIND YOU and All About Luv eras were difficult for a variety of reasons, his blue hair is remembered fondly.

6. The “Red Carpet” freckles and tousled hair

This look is much softer than the others in this list but it’s iconic in his own right. The freckles just suit him so well!

7. “PSYCHE” teaser pictures

With his long hair and dark makeup in the teaser pictures for his solo mixtape PSYCHE, Joohoney is a stunner.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

You can check out his solo track “PSYCHE” below!