Joy Could Release Her Very Own Solo Album

Joy has so much experience with solo songs that she could be the first member of Red Velvet to make a solo debut!

For her drama, The Liar and His Lover, Joy recorded 6 songs for the official OST, proving that she can definitely hold her own as a soloist. 

These songs (and a few more) prove that Joy is just waiting for her own solo album!

1. “A Fox”

Joy’s first song for the The Liar and His Lover OST was a cover of the classic “A Fox.” Although several other artists have covered the song, Joy’s version of the song definitely was a strong showing of her capabilities of a solo artist.

2. “I’m OK” 

“I’m OK” is the main song for The Liar and His Lover and 3 different artists sang their own versions of the drama band Crude Play‘s hit song. But while each artist had their own special rendition of the track, Joy’s version remains the most popular version.

3. “Your Days”

While Joy is known more for her bright voice and colorful energy, she proved that she can also sing an emotional ballad well by herself with the first part “Your Days,” the 4th song for The Liar and His Lover‘s OST. But the song also makes a smart transition and takes advantage of Joy’s unique energy.

4. “Shiny Boy”

Joy’s drama band Mush & Co made their debut with “Shiny Boy,” and it might just be the best song in the drama. With Joy on vocals, the song is both refreshing and catchy, and would make a great debut song for any group out there.

5. “Waiting for You”

“Waiting for You” was Mush & Co’s follow-up track after “Shiny Boy” and definitely didn’t disappoint. Joy’s cheerful and refreshing vocals mixed well with the groovy rhythm that flows throughout the song, giving it quite a romantic feel.

6. “The Way To Me”

“The Way To Me” was Joy’s final song for the drama’s OST and above all else, it really displayed her ability to channel emotions in a slower song. Although the song was a remake of a popular 2001 track, Joy’s sincere emotions and beautiful voice made it sound like a song made specifically for her.

7. “Me Gustas Tu”

Although not part of the official The Liar and His Lover OST, Joy’s “Me Gustas Tu” cover was incredibly adorable and a fun schoolyard take on the hit song.

8. “Young Love” 

Who could forget Joy’s duet with BtoB‘s Sungjae during their time on We Got Married? “Young Love” was really the first look fans had of Joy’s potential as a solo artist, even if it was a duet.

9. “Always In My Heart”

Joy was featured in another duet song, this time with 2AM‘s Seulong. Once again, she proved that her vocal color is one of the best in the industry.

10. “Just In Love”

Joy sang “Just In Love” for her appearance on MBC’s King of Masked Singer. She really convinced the crowd with her powerful and unique voice, causing some panelists to question whether or not it was a solo singer or an idol group member under the mask.

BONUS: “Marry You”

Just because it was so adorable!