“Squid Game” Actress Jung Ho Yeon Once Styled 6 Different Unique Looks And Proved That She Can Pull Off Style

She looks gorgeous in everything!

Before making her incredible acting debut with Netflix‘s Squid Game, Jung Ho Yeon made her career as a successful model! As a model, you are expected to look good in pretty much everything and Jung Ho Yeon definitely proved she does in a video with her agency Saram Entertainment.

In the video, Jung Ho Yeon informed the viewers that she was taking on the challenge of styling clothes that you don’t necessarily love, but also shouldn’t throw away. Before styling the clothes on the rack, Jung Ho Yeon admitted, “To be honest, I don’t think it’s going to be easy at all.” Despite her lack of confidence, the results were stunning!

1. Look #1: Feminine and chic

Jung Ho Yeon styled a pink blazer jacket with a thin brown belt that helped sinched the waist. Since the jacket worked as a dress as well, Jung Ho Yeon wore some cute black thing-high boots with it! As for her accessories, Jung Ho Yeon added a small black shoulder bag to complete the look.

I chose very pretty clothes so I just styled them with some accessories. Actually, one-piece dresses with this type of silhouette don’t fit your waist neatly. Then I wear a belt on it. Adjust it to your waist size and put the rest of the strap in here. Then you can show a neat silhouette and nice bodyline.

— Jung Ho Yeon

2. Look #2: Bright and youthful

Jung Ho Yeon struggled with look #2 as she paired a horizontal striped rainbow shirt with a blue plaid skirt. Although she wasn’t pleased with it, she honestly pulled it off. Since she didn’t love the look, she then styled the rainbow top with overalls and a cute hat!

Actually this shirt would be so cute with jeans overalls. Okay then I will change into overalls. I haven’t failed yet!!

— Jung Ho Yeon

3. Look #3: Casual yet super fashionable!

Jung Ho Yeon took several casual pieces and put them together to create a super stylish outfit. With baggy men’s pants and a simple black blazer, Jung Ho Yeon dressed them up with an animal print top that ties the whole outfit together.

I am finally satisfied. Especially, men’s pants could be too big for your waist but with a belt, you can show a different silhouette and it’s very baggy so I chose a tight shirt on the upper part. And also it could be a little bit embarrassing. That’s why you need a jacket. Actually, these pants can be good with any outfits.

— Jung Ho Yeon

4. Look #4: Girl next door

Whether you’re meeting friends, going on a date, or just running errands, this outfit is a look that works for several occasions!

I think it’s pretty successful…Once I tried them it looks quite nice with similar colors, better than I thought. Actually, the reason for wearing boots is I like to wear skinny jeans with boots. I wanted to show you this style…So when you wear ‘Splendid patterned clothes,’ it would be very nice with subtle colors like black and white.

— Jung Ho Yeon

5. Look #5: Indie style!

Jung Ho Yeon first came out with an outfit that she called, “Is for the traditional market.” At first, Jung Ho Yeon stepped out with a floral shirt collared shirt with a beige cardigan. The outfit gave off a more hipster or vintage vibe but Jung Ho Yeon soon changed it up. Switching out her cardigan with a sleek black jacket, the outfit popped more.

Actually, this is a jacket but it’s too much to wear as outerwear so I wore it inside and covered it with subtle color. so I wore it inside and covered it with subtle color. It’s good right?

— Jung Ho Yeon


6. Look #6: Comfy yet stylish!

Jung Ho Yeon showed us how to brighten up an all black look! Instead of merely wearing a black shirt with black pants, Jung Ho Yeon simply put on a red tank-top over her black t-shirt and made the outfit stand out more. At the start, Jung Ho Yeon wore a long patterend skirt but felt it would be more comfortable in pants.

I think I pulled it off. With a black shirt, this color seems a bit more ordinary..? It became easy to style with. I personally thought it would be nice looking with this skirt so I tried it but if you wanna be more comfortable, pants are better.

— Jung Ho Yeon

Source: 사람엔터테인먼트 로그인

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