Just 10+ Gifs Of BTS Cringing At Their Past Selves

Suga literally wanted to punch his past self.

BTS were amazing performers from the beginning, where they displayed great skills during their debut days.

That doesn’t mean that they haven’t had their fair share of embarrassing moments. Here are 10+ gifs showing moments where BTS cringed at their past selves.

1. Reacting to some of their cringy pick up lines

The members immediately jumped once they saw what they were watching.

V could barely look at the screen when it was his turn.

Jimin also couldn’t help but cringe a little watching himself.

The biggest reactions came during Suga‘s scene.

RM also couldn’t help but hide his face watching himself.

2. Reacting to their pre-debut selves

Suga immediately got out of his seat once he saw his pre-debut rap video.

Suga even wanted to punch himself.

Jimin’s pre-debut photos were also shown, which Jimin was very shy about.

Jin also wore glasses in the past, but he is quick to change the topic.

3. J-Hope not being the biggest fan of his debut self

4. Jimin hiding

5. RM not being able to watch himself acting

6. Reacting to their old VCR video

As they continue watching, Suga has some more extreme reactions.