Just 10 Gifs Of The BTS Hyungs Taking Care Of Jungkook When He’s Injured

Number 5 is extremely touching.

While the BTS members might tease each other a lot, their bond with each other is truly one of a kind, as they consider each other family. This is seen on many occasions, especially when a member gets hurt. Here are 10 gifs of the BTS hyungs taking care of Jungkook when he was injured.

1. Jin asking Jungkook if he needs any help

2. Filling in for Jungkook

3. All the BTS members being concerned

4. Wanting Jungkook to feel comfortable

5. The members not wanting Jungkook to feel apologetic

6. Jin wheeling Jungkook

7. The members surrounding Jungkook

8. Jimin just being an angel

9. Suga being concerned

10. Jin wheeling Jungkook (again)