Just 10+ Gifs Of The BTS Members Interrupting Each Other’s Live Broadcasts

It seems that one member is the main culprit.

The BTS members love going on live broadcasts, as they enjoy interacting with their fans. The members sometimes do solo broadcasts, but these can lead to some hilarious situations. Here are 10+ gifs of the BTS members interrupting each other’s live broadcasts.

1. V’s unique entrance

2. RM just trying to deliver food

Despite Suga not opening the door, RM still found a way inside.

3. Suga and V casually watching Jin

4. J-Hope

5. Jimin’s cute entrance

6. Jimin surprising RM

RM wasn’t going to let Jimin go easily.

7. Jimin getting caught by J-Hope

8. Jimin surprising Jin

9. RM showing love to Jimin

10. V just messing with RM

11. Jungkook’s interruption