Just 10+ Gifs Of The BTS Members Teasing Leader RM

The members can be quite the savages towards their leader.

RM is a great leader for BTS and has shown that he prioritizes the group over everything.

The members of BTS have shown their appreciation for their leader on many occasions, where they sometimes just shower RM with love.

The members can also be quite playful with their leader, where they just love to tease him. Here are 10+ gifs of the BTS members playfully dissing RM.

1. Suga’s savage diss

2. V disturbing RM’s interview

3. Jimin feeling betrayed

4. A scene the members have seen too many times

5. The member’s advice for RM

6. The members laughing at Jimin’s imitation of RM

7. The imitation of RM’s introduction from “Dope”

Here is the original version.

Here are some of the versions that the members did.

8. Attacking RM for his mistake

9. Not wanting RM to cook

10. V’s playful diss